Audiologists Hub

As audiologists, we know your goal is to be able to help protect your patients’ hearing.  Puro Sound headphones provide audiologists with a stylish, high-quality product to help your patients listen responsibly. Our audiologist program features two distribution options:

Audiologist Distribution Kits:

  • 10 Pairs of Kid’s BT-2200 Headphones
  • 10 Pairs of Adult BT-5200 Headphones
  • Tiered volume pricing for wholesale


Display Kits:

  • In-Office Marketing Materials:

    • “Co-Branded Collateral Material Templates”
    • Unique Coupon Codes for your Practice
    • Web Presence on
    • Custom Co-Branded Order Forms 
    • Social Presence on Puro Sound Labs’ owned media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more) 

Additionally, Puro Sound Labs will provide audiologists with:

  • Monthly Joint Social and Web Content
  • Marketing tools and direction
  • Featured Blog Posts
  • Collaboration on contests and events
  • Media features when applicable
  • Special Discounts for your patients

To learn more about Puro Sound Labs’ audiologist program, please complete the brief form below: